Tablesaw Vertical Tenon Jig

I made this vertical tenon jig to cut the 22.5 degree miter angles required for my flag display case. The vertical orientation of the frame pieces when securely clamped to the jig, provided me a safe and accurate method to cut these small angles.

Tip (the obvious!)… your miter cuts will only be as accurate as your jig. So make sure your assembled jig angles are all exactly 90 degrees! 

The frame ends were cut by first securely clamping a piece to the jig. Then while securely holding the jig against the tablesaw fence, I pushed the jig forward to cut the 22.5 degree angle. Cutting slowly for the final 1/8” or so was required to prevent tear-out. I probably should have used some tape as a better / more reliable solution to the tear-out.

These instructions include the following:

  1. Tenon Jig Example Photo (see above)
  2. Construction Tips
  3. Parts List + Exploded View
  4. Drawings
  5. Downloadable Files
    1. Tenon Jig Instructions (pdf file)
    2. 3D CAD Model (STEP file)

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