Cornhole Game Board

Cornhole is a really fun outdoor game for all ages. So I decided to build one to play with family and friends. This project is relatively easy to complete, so my instructions are limited to this page and the downloadable 3D CAD model (STEP file). Remember, you need to make two boards and either purchase or make your bean bags.

Game setup is simple. Just loose the wing nuts, rotate the legs into position, and tighten the wing nuts. You’ll find the official game rules at American Cornhole website.

Contruction Tips

I used 1/2″ baltic birch for the top board (play surface) and poplar wood for the frame pieces. I felt the baltic birch was stiff enough that I didn’t really need the center cross-section support required by the official cornhole rules. So I didn’t include the one you see depicted in the drawings and the 3D CAD model. Each leg is attached using a 1/4″-20 x 3″ carriage bolt plus flat washer and wing nut.

Tip… I cut out the 6″ diameter holes using a saber saw and then used a router to round the edges of both the hole and the top edges. If I was making another one, I’d make a 6″ diameter template using some MDF and then cut the hole using my router with a template bit.

I already had some spar varnish, so I used it for the wood finish. If I had needed to buy some varnish, my preference would have been marine varnish which is supposed to have better UV resistance.


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