Biplane Wooden Toy

I really enjoyed making this wooden biplane for my younger grandchildren. As a former Air Force pilot, I wanted to share my aviation enthusiasm.

Building this wooden toy is not that technically complicated, but does require some patience and willingness to use templates to cut out the various parts. A drill press and bandsaw will definitely make the project easier, but neither one is essential.

I’ve provide a downloadable zip file that contains both a .stp file and a .skp file (SketchUp). You can use one of these 3D CAD models to get the necessary dimensions plus create templates needed to cut out the various shaped parts.

Tip… I like to use actual-size 2D paper templates to cut out irregularly shaped parts. Using a 3D CAD program, I print a 2D part outline of the correct dimensions. Then I either trace the part onto the selected material or temporarily glue the template to the material using some photo-mount spray adhesive.

My biplane was constructed using walnut for the darker wood and maple for the other parts. After trying to make decent wheels, I decided to buy birch wheels from an online supplier. I used a wiping varnish for the wood finish. Also you’ll notice in the above biplane photograph that I added a white nylon washer between the propellor and the cowling to prevent the spinning propellor from marring the the cowling.

Here are a couple of images depicting the biplane.

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