Fidget Spinner

Small spinner for younger kids

Before creating my own design, I had successfully printed one of the many available Thingiverse Fidgets ( ). But the size was too large for my younger grandkids. So I located a bearing and some hex nuts which I already had and designed my own. 

My design uses the following hardware parts: 

Bearing: 0.25 shaft x 0.625″ OD x 0.195″ thick
Nuts: 3/8-16 tpi x 0.328 thick and 0.551″ flat-to-flat 

For assembly, I used my workshop vise to press the bearing and nuts into the Fidget body. All three pieces are intentionally tight fits. The two center hubs easily pressed into place using my hands.

If you’re interested in making your own customized version, you can download my 3D model CAD files. I’ve also uploaded the STL files to Thingiverse as noted above.

3D Model CAD files: