Mantel Clock

Hermle Pendulum Movement

 I designed and made this clock in memory of my Colorado grandparents. My grandfather, who was a skilled craftsman and taught me so much, chopped down a Colorado cedar tree near Burns, CO in 1928 which he had cut into planks at the local sawmill. Why you ask? Well, he was going to be a new father and wanted to make a cedar chest to store my mother’s baby clothes. 

Now you may be wondering how I managed to get some of these cedar planks cut in 1928? Well, many years later during one of my visits to Colorado as an adult grandchild, my grandfather and I were sorting through his workshop attic and I noticed some old, dusty, cedar planks laying on the floor. After telling me the history, my grandfather asked if I wanted the wood which I readily accepted. Years later after both grandparents had passed, I created this mantel clock in their memory.

 My design includes a nice Hermle pendulum clock movement (model 791-681) which you wind from the back. So I designed the round pedestal base to rotate 180 degrees using a push-pull rod located behind the door. Simply open the door; pull the rod to rotate the platform 90 degrees; and then push the rod to rotate the platform another 90 degrees which makes the clock winding post accessible. Of course you just reverse this process to reposition the clock, then store the rod, and close the door which is held in place using a small, embedded magnet.

Make Your Own

I have provided the following downloadable files if you would like more design and construction details.

  1. Instructions (downloadable pdf file)
    1. Description
    2. Construction Tips
    3. Images
      1. Photographs
      2. 3D Model Screenshots
  2. 3D CAD Models (zip file) 
    1. STEP file (.stp)
    2. SketchUp compatible file (.skp)

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