Bicycle Maintenance Clamp

Vise-mounted Bicycle Holder

I needed a simple, portable bicycle stand providing a stable platform for occasional bicycle maintenance, e.g. chain oiling, cable adjustments, bike computer battery changes, etc. My road bike has a carbon frame, so the clamping / holding platform needed to be secure enough to hold the bike stationary without damaging the carbon frame. So I made this vise-mounted bike clamp that quickly clamps into my workshop vise and the padded, V-shaped bike rest secures the bike while avoiding any frame damage.

The setup is quick and easy. Simply place the back of the bicycle clamp in your vise and tighten. The aluminum L-bracket on the clamp back provides a mechanical stop which rests on the top of the vise jaws. Now rotate the top clamping piece out of the way, place the bicycle onto the clamp V-shaped rest, and then rotate the top piece over the bicycle frame and tighten. By slightly compressing the foam padding, the bicycle is held securely without risking damage to the carbon frame.

Tip… check your vise location and surrounding area for adequate space to mount your bicycle. If needed, lengthen or shorten the clamp to best suit your work space.

These instructions include the following:

  1. Bicycle Clamp Example (see above photo)
  2. Construction Tips
  3. Parts List + Exploded View
  4. Drawings
  5. Downloadable Files (
    1. Instructions (pdf file)
    2. 3D CAD Model (STEP file)

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